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IPAC Northeastern Ontario (IPAC NEO) 

Welcome to IPAC NEO's Chapter Website!

Mark your calendars!

Spring 2018 IPAC-NEO Chapter Meeting and Education Event

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Join us in person or online on April 19th 2018 for the next IPAC-NEO Chapter meeting and education event.  On the agenda: news from your IPAC-NEO Chapter and updates from IPAC-Canada, as well as an educational session.

Time: 11:30 to 14:30           

Location: On-site locations and online

On-site Locations:    

  • Sudbury – Health Sciences North
  • North Bay – North Bay Regional Health Centre
  • Sault Ste. Marie – Algoma Public Health
  • Timmins – Timmins and District Hospital

  **A light lunch will be served at each on-site location.

Webinar: Access information to be provided following registration.

Registration: Coming soon!

Education Session: We will be offering two educational sessions for this meeting from IPAC- NEO members. Stay tuned for information on what your colleagues have experienced and learned!


IPAC NEO is a regional multidisciplinary association committed to the wellness and safety of Ontarians by promoting best practice in infection prevention and control through education, standards and advocacy.


IPAC NEO will be a major provincial and national leader and a recognized resource in Ontario for the promotion of best practice in infection prevention and control.


Members of IPAC NEO come from all sectors of health care. The IPAC NEO chapter is located in North Eastern Ontario, which is the second largest region in Ontario in terms of land area, spanning 31 percent of the provincial total. Four cities have populations greater than 40,000: Timmins, North Bay, Sudbury, and Sault Ste. Marie, making up less than half of the overall North East population; the remainder is based in smaller centres, most of which have populations less than 5000. IPAC NEO has over 70 members and meets quarterly using a variety of technology to overcome the vast geography.